Cesium for O3DE Now Available

Hi Everyone

We’re happy to announce the release of v1.0 of Cesium for O3DE.

Cesium for O3DE enables a full-scale, high-accuracy WGS84 globe for O3DE, allowing developers to create rich, global simulations and experiences. It also includes a runtime 3D Tiles engine to stream massive 3D geospatial datasets including global terrain, imagery, 3D buildings, and photogrammetry from the cloud, private network, or local machine.

Cesium for O3DE is free and open source. It is built with Cesium Native, the foundational geospatial library behind Cesium for Unreal.

We look forward to even more integrations with game engines in the near future.

To learn more about Cesium for O3DE, visit the Cesium blog or the project on Github.


The Application is crashed when I add an entity of Cesium Wolf Terrain to O3DE Scene

Hi, if possible, can you please send us the log files of the crash? It can be found in the ProjectDirectory/user/log/. There will be two important files in there that we’d like to look into: the Editor.log and error.log.

To find the project directory, you can open the O3DE project manager and click to the hamburger menu right next to your project name, then choose Open Project folder...

CrashLog.rar (4.7 KB)
It seems that the async tasks make some error . The crash log has been uploaded.

It looks like the crash comes from the engine’s prefab system in the editor mode. I’m curious if you are building the engine directly from the source or from the installer on O3DE website. If it’s the former, can you please let me know the branch and commit you are currently at, so that I can try to reproduce the bug? It also maybe worth a try for the installer to see if the bug happens over there.

I use O3DE built both from the source and from the installer,
and I create the pogram based on the latter one this time. I had ever built it with the source branch development #7696, but found that ‘array_view.h’ included by the project does not exist in ‘AtomCore\AtomCore\std\containers’ directory. Finally I compile it with installer one, it can be compiled successfully but the crash happens when I try to add 3DTiles entity to the scene.

That’s quite odd. Can you please send me the prefab file to check it out? It can be found in the Levels directory.

In the mean time, I think it can be worked around by manually creating an entity in the outliner and adding the 3D Tiles component to it. In the component, you can specify the cesium Ion asset ID and token to stream the tileset. Please let me know if it works for you.

If it’s possible, can you also please try out the sample project here GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium-o3de-samples: Samples project for Cesium for O3DE and see if the crash happens?

Embarrassedly speaking, I forget to add a new level. Now I see the Cesium OSM Buildings in the O3DE, and will begin a journey to explore O3DE and Cesium samples. Thanks for your all replies!

glad this’s resolved! Please let me know if any problems come up