Render 3D Tiles in O3DE engine

Hi Everyone

I wanted to share a very exciting update with you about game engines and 3D Tiles that I have been working on.

As you know, we released Cesium for Unreal in March, and you have made it a bigger success than we could have imagined. Cesium for Unreal was built on Cesium Native, an open source engine-agnostic 3D Tiles and high-precision geospatial library, that makes it easier to add 3D Tiles to all runtime engines, and that is exactly what I’ve been working on.

In July, Linux Foundation in collaboration with AWS release O3DE, a fully open source game engine that is the successor to Lumberyard. We found this to be the perfect opportunity to use Cesium Native to enable geospatial and 3D Tiles in the next game engine. We have been working on it for the past couple of months, and today I would like to share the first photogrammetry 3D Tileset rendered in O3DE:

This is just the start of the integration and there is a long way to go to enabling all the things possible in CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal. We would love for you to follow this thread as we post more updates, and also give us feedback if you are using O3DE.

Check out our integration in the Cesium fork of O3DE, and we look forward to opening a pull request into O3DE repo as we make more progress.

Thanks to O3DE and AWS developers for helping us in this effort!