Cesium for Unity running on Android tablet with offline maps

Hello. I am trying to get a Cesium for Unity project to show the map data on an Android device. I have uploaded terrain and elevation data to Ion. Downloaded the processed tile maps including the imagery. I have set the url for each data type in Cesium in Unity.

When I build the application and open it on the Android tablet the maps do not show up. Is there a specific place to put the maps on the tablet to allow Cesium to pull them? I am trying to get offline maps to show up in Cesium for Unity running on Android (Android 12).


Hi @shanereynolds,

I don’t know the specific location offhand, but I imagine any location that your application is allowed to access should work fine. As you probably know, Android has some restrictions in this area in order to prevent one application from accessing another’s data. Perhaps this might help: