Offline map in Unity?


I am working on an application where we would like to use Cesium for Unity as our map service.

The application will most often be used with internet access, but sometimes it will be used in situations where internet access is not possible. Therefore, we would like our users to be able to download a certain area and store it (temporarily) on the device, before going to the location without internet, and then be able to use that offline data on the location. The downloaded data could then be deleted after some time.
Does anyone know if such functionality would be possible with Cesium for Unity and, if so, what would be the best way of doing it?

In our application, we would need:

  • Satellite map imagery
  • Stylized map imagery (roads and such)
  • Terrain
  • Buildings

Some thoughts:

I have read some other threads where it has been mentioned that the Bing maps license doesn’t allow for downloading their data for use offline. Does anybody know how hard that limitation is - does it disallow temporary caching of data (which, you could argue, that we would be doing in our case)?

And if the Bing road is indeed fully closed, are there any other data sources that we could use for satellite and stylized imagery?
The Sentinel-2 is of course satellite imagery but it only goes to zoom level 13, and we would like to zoom a bit further in.

An idea: Is it possible to add a data source / asset in Cesium ion that is just to another online data source? For example, would it be possible to add a link to Mapbox so that the Mapbox data is just routed through Cesium ion? Or could we somehow use a Mapbox data source directly in Cesium for Unity without going through Cesium ion?

Ok, a lot of questions and loose thoughts. I am sorry for that. But we would appreciate any input on how we could achieve this offline functionality.

Kind regards, Jakob

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Hi @JakobAnarkyLabs,

To my knowledge, there’s currently no way to stream 3D Tiles and cache what gets loaded for a future session. You would have to download all or part of the data for offline use.

I can’t speak to your other questions. but perhaps they can be better answered in the general or Cesium ion categories? @Kevin_Ring might have more info than me, but he is unfortunately out for the next few weeks :sweat_smile:

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How can we make an offline description of map imagery? I haven’t been able to do it before, for example, arcgis map imagery

Hi, i would like to know more about offline use, if i buy the licence, i will get json file for Cesium world terrain and xml file for Sentinel2-imagery but how the tiles will work in offline mode ? i mean, will they actualize depending on camera position or all will be loaded at the beginning ?

@chiqiangzhe it’s going to depend on the map imagery. For some imagery, it’s against their terms of service to make copies of the imagery. So it really depends on the imagery terms of service, and whether or not we can load it in Cesium for Unity based on the data format.

@hugol the tiles will still actualize depending on camera position.

I also want to achieve a similar function, but have no clue, if there is a way to achieve please share

You can take a look here for offline terrain

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