Cesium for Unity WebGL Question

Hi there, I would like to ask how to package and publish web files in Unity using Cesium for Unity. The error is as follows:
Library\PackageCache\com.cesium.unity@1.7.1\Runtime\Cesium3DTile.cs(2,7): error CS0246: The type or namespace name ‘Reinterop’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
First of all I made sure the library is there, secondly I pulled it on github and put it in my project and it says that the code in the library uses c#10.0 and does not support c#9.0.
My Unity version is 2023.2.10f1. Is there any solution to this, please? Or is there an alternative strategy that allows me to package web files with cesium for unity?

Hi @xiameishicang,

Welcome to the community! As mentioned in some other forum threads, WebGL support is not available in Cesium for Unity.

If you need to use WebGL, we offer a pure WebGL rendering engine with CesiumJS that you can use for your 3D geospatial needs. Thanks!

Any updates on WebGL builds? CesiumJS is nice and all that, but my project is in Unity…

No, sorry, we don’t have any update on it.

If this is very important for your project, then we are potentially interested in working with users who are interested in helping to fund development of it.