Cesium for unity支持的地图服务协议类型

cesium for unity支持的地图服务类型有哪些,还有url怎么引入离线地图

Hello @zq12138,

Currently, the supported map services are Tile Map Service (TMS), Web Map Service (WMS), Cesium ion (technically also TMS), and Bing Maps.

To load maps offline, you will need to host the imagery files on a local server. Then, add the appropriate Raster Overlay component and set the URL field to the imagery’s tilemapresource.xml file (for example, http://localhost:portNumber/imageryAsset/tilemapresource.xml)

This section of the documentation may be useful -Adding Datasets – Cesium


Hello, I have three question。
1.how to change the map service, How to use, is it to replace components directly as shown below?
2. How do I use offline maps?

Is that right? url is the URL field to the imagery’s tilemapresource.xml file。
3.TMS is the default service in unity, how can WMS or CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay use?
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Hello @chiqiangzhe,

The configuration you are showing your screenshots should work. Are you having issues loading the imagery as expected after filling out the URL field of the Web Map Service Raster Overlay component?

I want to use arcgis map service,How can I changed?
Whether I can use the Web Map Service Raster Overlay component ?

As long as your ArcGIS Map Server has its WMS endpoint enabled, yes, it should work with the WMS raster overlay component.