Cesium for Unreal Engine

Hi, I just saw the recent blog post about Cesium coming to Unreal Engine and I’d like to help out and learn more about it. Thank you.


Glad to hear you’re interested @Chris_Wingler! This is the blog that has the most information: https://cesium.com/blog/2020/06/04/cesium-for-unreal-engine/. Once it’s ready we’ll post about it here and on the blog and then we’d love for people to try it out and let us know feedback & the use cases you’re using it for.


we’re eagerly awaiting this, thanks for taking on this challenge!
Best from Germany

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I missed this article. This sounds very cool. Imagine playing a game like Tribes anywhere on Earth. Come to think of it, Tribes 1 was one of the first games with expansive terrain back in 1998. Here’s a video of the gameplay. One of the cool things is skiing on the terrain!

It combined detailed indoor geometry buildings with outdoor terrain, about a year before Descent3, which has a similar indoor/outdoor engine. It also had realistic projectiles that inherited the player’s velocity when fired.

Collision detection for all objects should always be done on the most detailed level of the terrain, while distant terrain could be displayed with lower level terrain.


That is a really cool application!