Using topography from Cesium as landscape

HI everyone, I want to start off by saying that cesium is amazing and is going to change map making in games from here on out!

Now what I am trying to do is take the topographical data and convert it to the editable landscape tool built into unreal 5, I was trying to just make a landscape plane and modify it to fit the topography but it is going to be grueling, tedious and generally terrible to do that.

Has anyone messed around where they can just convert it directly to landscape and just use that to modify/tweak it to make it useable for a racing game or other?

I want to make a sandbox racing game with real world locations and have very detailed areas that cesium is not able to provide at this time.

Also is there any way to get cesium to use the textures to apply to the buildings? and lots of missing buildings as well.

Bump anyone have any ideas?

Hi! I have the same problem with converting topographical data to editable landscape. Anybody please help!