Some airports have uneven terrain, how can we flatten the terrain

Some airports have uneven terrain, how can we flatten the terrain

There’s no quick and easy answer. But if you’re using Cesium World Terrain and you have - or can create - better terrain data around an airport, you can put it in a GeoTIFF and upload it to Cesium ion as terrain, selecting Cesium World Terrain as the base. Cesium ion will create a composite terrain that uses your custom terrain in the area you provided, and Cesium World Terrain everywhere else.

Another possibility that @Shehzan_Mohammed just reminded me of… You can use our new Cesium Clips feature to export the area around the airport as a glTF. Then you can import that into something like Blender and edit it. This blog post walks through the process:

Hi Kevin,

are you in talks with Google to make this possible for the Google photogrammetry 3DTiles, too? Is this on the horizon, or shouldn’t we get our hopes up?

Thanks & best

Hi @Lildreas,

As of now, there is no plan to make Photorealistic 3D Tiles available for clipping.

However, we’re always looking for additional data that will help our users! We’d love to know what kind of data is specifically important for you. For example, are you primarily interested in cities/buildings? Are there specific areas of the globe you need? This will help inform us as we look for alternative data sources for Cesium users. Thank you!

Hi @janine ,

we are developing our Mixed Reality flight simulator for our Lilium eVTOL jets using Unreal Engine with Google Earth 3DTiles for our IG (Image Generator). Works like a charm, and we can fly anywhere - Google Photogrammetry 3DTiles don’t cover all locations on earth, but quite a lot of them, especially big cities and airports. The quality is good enough for VFR flights, even if it’s sometimes not pretty when getting closer to structures.

The only downside is that we cannot edit the data, to e.g. prettify some of the airports we are using more often, to remove fragments and clean up the runways etc.