Replace Cesium Airports with 3D Airport Models?

Hi! I really appreciate that we can have the whole world in our Unity project with Cesium, especially for Flight Simulators. But can I replace the Airports with 3D models or can I flat down specific Buildings in the Google earth version like in MSFS.
This would be very helpful because it very important for flight simulators to have high detailed airports.

Hi @Jaip-Coding,

If you’re using Cesium World Terrain, which only contains terrain, you can add 3D models as desired. But if you’re using Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles, I’m afraid there’s no way to modify the buildings as they load.

One thing you could try is using the CesiumTileExcluder interface. This Github PR contains details about how to set up a simple tile excluder. You can exclude areas of tiles containing the airports, then replace them with your own airport models. I hope this alternative can work for you!

Hi @janine! Thank you very much! I didn‘t know about this but I‘ll definitely try it! I think I could also exclude the Google Earth tiles for the airport and then exclude everything except the airport of the Bing maps tiles. Then it would be flat.

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