Customize the altitude of terrain

We often place models on the terrain, such as building models. Due to the uneven terrain and the flat underside of the models, the models and the terrain do not fit together properly. Therefore, can we use Cartographic Polygons to set a customized altitude within this area, making it more flat?

Hi @Cloud, welcome to the community!

What terrain data are you using? (For example, is this Cesium World Terrain?) You may want to check out the Clips feature in Cesium ion. You can export a selected region as a glTF model, then edit the geometry with 3D editing tools like Blender. We actually have a blog post about this process here:

That’s my primary suggestion. Cartographic polygons aren’t built to handle terrain flattening, I’m afraid. Maybe you could apply a vertex deformation in the material, but we have never tried to use polygons to implement that, so I don’t know if it’s viable. :grimacing: