Cesium for Unreal + Ultra Dynamic Sky

Hi all,

I recently downloaded UDS after seeing it mentioned a few times in this forum. It looks great, but I’m having trouble reproducing the geospatial accuracy of the CesiumSunSky. I’m guessing this could relate to UDS not connecting to the CesiumGeoreference?

Wondering if anyone knows the steps required to adapt UDS to use with the Cesium components?


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Hi Luke

I’m wondering the same, did you make any progress?


Hi Don,

Unfortunately I didn’t hear back from anyone on this.

My (less than ideal) workaround has been to calibrate UDS to the positioning of Cesium SunSky using the “Simulation” settings in UDS. Once the time setting are the same, I use “North Yaw” to move the sun to the same position as in Cesium SunSky.

Finger crossed someone chimes in with a better solution!