Ultra Dynamic Sky Integration

Is there an integration or set of instructions of combining cesium with google maps and ultra dynamic sky?
Connecting time of day and other settings dynamically would be great!

Hi @MQS,

There’s no official set of instructions, and I’m not sure what you mean by connecting time of day + other settings dynamically. But there should be nothing stopping you from adding the Ultra Dynamic Sky to the project. We’ve seen it done before without any issues.

Thanks for the response Janine
This question is in line with what we hope to achieve

hello, just hijacking this thread, if you don’t mind @janine

I’m trying to set up the snow shader from the UDS with Cesium in Unreal…but I can’t find “Use dynamic material” on the Cesium Terrain material…

trying to follow this:


Hi @swea,

I’m not adept at using Ultra Dynamic Sky, myself, but I believe another community member got this working! Maybe their posts here can help? Google Earth Map Tiles Material to use with Ultra Dynamic Weather

this is really helpful, thanks @janine

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