Cesium IE11 11.0.9600.17691 problem

Hi Guys,

I am new to cesium and super excited to join this party.

I have one problem that cesium demo page is not working in IE11 11.0.9600.17691 version but it works fine for firefox and chrome.

below is the error description.

Error constructing CesiumWidget.

Visit http://get.webgl.org to verify that your web browser and hardware support WebGL. Consider trying a different web browser or updating your video drivers. Detailed error information is below:

I want to implement microsoft browser control and make some standalone application but i am stuck same error in browser control.

Please please help.

Thanks in advance.


Cesium runs fine on IE 11, but it is a little more finicky when it comes to video card/drivers support. What OS and video card are you using? Visit the vendor website and upgrade them to the latest official version and that will hopefully do the trick for you.

Cesium also works in the WebBrowser control, but you need to set some registry keys for your app in order to enable it. Here’s some example code to do it in C# for instances (put this in your application startup code before anything else runs)

using (var software = Microsoft.Win32.Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(“Software”))

using (var microsoft = software.OpenSubKey(“Microsoft”))

using (var internetExplorer = microsoft.OpenSubKey(“Internet Explorer”))

using (var main = internetExplorer.OpenSubKey(“Main”))

using (var featureControl = main.OpenSubKey(“FeatureControl”, true))


using (var gpu = featureControl.CreateSubKey(“FEATURE_GPU_RENDERING”))


gpu.SetValue(Path.GetFileName(Application.ExecutablePath), 1, Microsoft.Win32.RegistryValueKind.DWord);



Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the advice i was trying to run it on a machine without graphic card let me try it and let see what happens.

Again thanks for looking in to this.


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