Initialization getting failed for cesium

We are getting below error when trying to load demo of cesium in IE11 and Chrome. When I click on it says "Your browser supports WebGL". Could you please guide us how to get rid of this error.

Visit to verify that your web browser and hardware support WebGL. Consider trying a different web browser or updating your video drivers. Detailed error information is below:

RuntimeError: The browser supports WebGL, but initialization failed.
   at RuntimeError (
   at Context (
   at Scene (
   at CesiumWidget (
   at Viewer (
   at startup (Unknown script code:4:1)
   at context.execCb (
   at Module.prototype.check (
   at Anonymous function (
   at Anonymous function (


Most likely your browser is falling back to software rendering on, Cesium currently specifically disabled software rendering but I recently opened a pull request to change this.

Of course the real solution is to stop software rendering fallback on your system (since it’s slow and won’t run Cesium well). The right way to fix that is usually to upgrade your video card drivers to the latest version. IE 11 has a fairly large blacklists of drivers but Chrome should definitely work unless you have incredibly old hardware. If you need help updating your drivers, let me know and I can help you out. You’ll need to know what OS and video card you have.

I have already tried updating my video drivers, but still I am facing the issue. Here are my hardware details

Processor: Intel I5-3470 3.2 Ghz

System type: 64 bit

Windows 7 Professional

Intel® HD Graphics version

FYI, I have other machine with same configuration it works good over there. But facing problem in particular machine. Please help me out in resolving the issu.e