Cesium in Netbeans

I want to make something like this but I have to load data from database. I am a new user and having difficulty in understanding some parts of code. Please get me out of this.

Thanks in advance

Netbeans is an IDE you use to write code

That I know.
I need help in loading data from database and displaying on the globe

It sounds like you haven’t setup a web service yet to expose your data from the database in a format that would be consumable by Cesium or any application for that matter. Is that correct?


I’m going assume you have some data which contains geoLocation information and you need to expose it via a data source.

Depending on the size of your data and how interactive your application is you may be able to use https://mapguide.osgeo.org/ to connect to the database and then export your data to CZML, GeoJSON or KML.

If your dataset is large than you may need to have a Web Developer write a custom web service to that can filter and efficiently manage the size of the data being loaded.