Cesium-ion-3D-Tiling-Pipeline.zip link is missing


In the documentation (page https://cesium.com/docs/on-prem/tilers/photogrammetry/) there is a reference to the file named Cesium-ion-3D-Tiling-Pipeline.zip. But there are no links to this file.

Where I can download this file or it's content?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry about that! I made a note to add a message there to explain how to get it. We’re currently revamping a lot of the website (the link you have was actually changed to https://cesium.com/docs/on-premise/tilers/models/ )

These tilers are the on-premise version of the ion 3D Tiling pipeline. To evaluate/buy it, reach out to Tim (tim@cesium.com). These pages provide a bit more context: https://cesium.com/3d-tiling-pipeline/