Where can I find the build pipeline tools?


I am working on a non commercial project and have to evaluate if I can parse extremely big CityGML files to 3D tiles and check the performance. I also would like to evaluate selfhosting. I saw that cesium provides the possiblity to self host and build 3D tiles yourself in the documentation. I was not able to find the build tools either in your git repos nor on the site. Where can I find them?

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Bump. Anyone can help me with this?

Hello @Dreamless,

The Cesium 3D tiling pipeline is not included with the Community Cesium ion plan. If you’re interested in evaluating the pipeline, @muthu can help get you started.


Hello @Dreamless,

Thanks for your interest in Cesium.

Can you please fill out the contact form here and share more information on the solution you are planning to deploy? Please share any workflows, use-cases, data requirements with us so that we can share the most relevant technical information with you.