On-premise Cesium Ion

Hello all,
as part of our project we would like to stream and host gltf models and static vector tiles using a self-hosted Cesium Ion server. Unfortunately, we have not been able to find any information on how to set up our own Ion instance.

This workflow apparently lacks access to the Cesium-ion-3D-Tiling-Pipeline.zip file (Hosting 3D Content – Cesium).

Are there instructions somewhere on how to start a Cesium Ion instance locally?

Hello @dmenneck

Thank you for reaching out to us. If you would like to use the 3D Tiling Pipeline locally, you must purchase an annual license.

If you purchase a license for the 3D Tiling Pipeline, you will gain access to a suite of command line tools that allow you to host, tile, and stream your 3D geospatial data on closed or fully disconnected networks to CesiumJS, Cesium for Unreal, Cesium for Unity, Cesium for Omniverse, or any other visualization engine that accepts 3D Tiles. The license also includes a server executable that takes directories where your 3D Tiles are stored and makes them available on your network (no authentication & authorization etc.). If you have your network storage/serving system, you may choose not to use the server application, but you must add the generated 3D tilesets to your hosting solution.

Would you like me to create a quote for you?

Very respectfully,