Cesium ion Self-Hosted

I’m reaching out to inquire about Cesium’s self-host option, particularly regarding its features, SDK/API capabilities, and support architecture.

Given the limited public visibility of Cesium’s self-host option, it’s challenging to gain a comprehensive understanding of its functionalities. Thus, I’m seeking insights on the following:

  1. Self-Host Option Features:
  • Unique features compared to the cloud-based solution.
  • Availability of GLTF to 3D tiles conversion without relying on Cesium Cloud.
  1. SDK and RESTful APIs:
  • Available SDKs and RESTful APIs for self-hosted deployment.
  • Any known limitations or differences compared to the cloud-based offering?
  1. 3D Tile Streaming:
  • Insights into the streaming mechanism on client and server ends, including caching.


Our self hosted solution is a kubernetes based product that offers the ability for you to tile, host and stream your data locally. Here is a page with some more information on the product: Cesium ion Self-Hosted – Cesium

If you would like, I can have one of the people from our team reach out to you to assist you.