Cesium ion Self-Hosted 1.2 is available to download

Cesium ion Self-Hosted 1.2 is now available to download .

With Self-Hosted 1.2 you can

  • Clip and download ion assets as 3D Tiles or glTF (Read our SaaS clipping post)
    “Clip and ship” extends the reach of 3D geospatial data – use it in disconnected applications, edit it in Blender and other DCC tools, or even import it to Unreal Engine for Fortnite for gaming experiences in real world contexts.
  • Import source data from S3 and export tiled asset data to S3
    S3 integration has been a frequent user request to make it easier to use Cesium ion in environments where S3 is used for storage.

1.2 also includes bug fixes and additional enhancements such as building tiler improvements for KML and CityGML. See the change log for details.

If you’re not a Self-Hosted customer and interested in using Cesium ion in your own environment, contact us here .