Cesium local host

Good morning,

We are in the process of developing a Digital Twin platform and would like to understand if Cesium can be hosted in a local server so that we can integrate it with other data such as aggregated sensor data from buildings. However, we would like to host this in local servers such as university campus servers instead of the cloud. Can Cesium support this?
Any advice or similar attempts is always useful.

Hi @R4ko0n! All that’s required to use Cesium locally is a 3D Tiles tileset. This tileset can be hosted on a local web server, or if you’re using Cesium for Unity or Cesium for Unreal, it can be loaded locally from the hard drive. You might also be interested in Cesium ion Self-Hosted, which provides the same benefits as our Cesium ion cloud solution, but running on your own network and your own servers!