Local data support


I have a question about the hosting of data. My current project doesn’t allow to connect the computers to internet. Can i try to use : Hosting 3D Content – Cesium to serve Cesium for Unreal ?


Some details might depend on the exact requirements.

If you want to share the data locally, in a company network, then the ion “On-Premise” infrastructure may offer some solutions here.

If this is is only about using your own data on a single computer, then there are, roughly speaking, two options:

  • On Windows, you can directly load data from the local file system. See Adding Datasets – Cesium for further details.
  • On other operating systems, you can run a local server to serve your data via localhost.

If you provide further information about your goals, then it should be possible to find the most appropriate solution for your case.

The goal is to service data on small network (2-3 computers) with no internet connection (restricted area).

When you said, on other operating systems, you can run a local server to serve your data via localhost. What does it means ? It could match my requirements. Is it the server that i mentioned in my first post ?

For the moment, we would like to make some tests in a lab (the small network).


Hello @nby ,

If you have a 3D Tileset locally you can statically serve the folder containing the tileset on localhost using npm-serve if you have npm. First cd into the folder containing the tileset, then use the command: npx serve --cors. The command will output something like:
INFO: Accepting connections at http://localhost:3000
which tells you what port the folder is being served on.

In Cesium for Unreal on the same machine, you can use the tileset url: http://localhost:<PORT NUMBER HERE>/tileset.json to access the tileset from the statically served folder.

In order to extend this to other machines on the same network first look at the source machine’s ipv4 address (run the command ipconfig). In Cesium for Unreal on the other machines, you can now use the ip address and port number in the tileset url: http://<YOUR IPv4 e.g. 192.168.x.x>:<PORT NUMBER HERE>/tileset.json.

This has worked for me in the past, so let me know if there is anything that is unclear.

-Nithin Pranesh

Thanks for you answer. I will make a test.