Cesium Ion SDK: Adding another raster data to existing terraindb doesn't work

Hello Cesium team,

I’m using Cesium-ion-3D-Tiling-Pipeline-Windows-4.4.3 SDK

I have an issue adding a new raster(B.tiff) data to an existing terraindb file (X.terraindb) that includes raster data(A.tff).

the command steps I have done:

  1. terrain-tiler.exe -i C:\DATA\A.tif -o C:\DATA\X.terraindb
  2. asset-server.exe --port 8003 -d C:\DATA
  3. terrain-tiler.exe -i C:\DATA\B.tif -o C:\DATA\X.terraindb

Based on my understanding by reading the instruction given,

I expect to see both A.tiff and B.tff in the viewer but I can only see the A.tff after doing the step3.

As a matter of fact, even I refresh the page, it does not change at all.

After I restart the asset-server, I couldn’t still see the B.tiff on the viewer.

Is there wrong with my understanding?

I appreciate and welcome any suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Hiroshi,

Could you please send us the data for which the problem occurs (e.g., A.tif and B.tif)? We can try to reproduce this on our end.

I would also suggest first trying Step 1 and Step 3, and then only trying Step 2 afterward, to see if that works at least.

To my knowledge, we haven’t encountered use cases where users need to update .terraindb files on the fly while asset-server is running, so we would like to learn more about what you are trying to achieve. Do you have an automated process that captures .tiff files while the server is running?


Hi Hiroshi,

Thanks for sending the TIF files through support message. Let’s continue our conversation in this thread.

I followed the steps you listed above, tiling the first TIF, then starting the server, and then tiling the second TIF into the same .terraindb file as the first. I see that the second TIF is correctly merged into the first.

For clarity, here’s how the data looks:



A + B

As you observed, however, the merged terrain does not become visible if you refresh the webpage. This appears to be a caching issue of some kind. If I open Chrome as my browser in Step 2, then merge B.tif into the .terraindb file, and then open up a completely different browser (Firefox), I see the merged terrain.

Do you see this same behavior on your end? If you have a setup where the server is serving data to multiple PCs, have you tried using a different machine for each of those steps?

Of course, our goal is to fully understand this behavior and potentially open a ticket to improve it, but since you mentioned you are on a tight timeline, I’d like to determine if cache-clearing of some kind may be a workaround for you.


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@Matt_Boyd-Surka Thank you so much for trying on your end and such a clear information!
I’ll try the workaround you suggest first.