Serving .terraindb using Cesium Asset Server


I’m trying to host .terraindb files in a server directory, but if I add a new file on the directory where its serving the files, it’s not visible.

Here are the steps that I did.

  1. I have a directory called Data, I added 3 files, WorldTerrain1.terraindb, WorldTerrain2.terraindb, and WorldTerrain3.terraindb.

  2. I ran asset-server -d Data

  3. I can access the 3 files perfectly through these links.


  1. I added a new file called WorldTerrain4.terraindb on the Data directory.

  2. Tried browsing this link but it says

  3. Tried restarting the asset-server command and then the link becomes available.

Is there a way to automatically serve the .terraindb files without having to restart the asset-server?

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Hi Cesium team,

I have this issue as well.
Is there any information for this?

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We are using 3D Tileset on-premises version here so I was not able to find a solution probably due to minor users population.

Can someone please answer this question in the cesium team?

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Because .terraindb are database files that cannot be served statically, the server does need to be restarted when new such files are added. If you tell us more about your use case, we may be able to provide advice and/or create a feature request for asset-server. Can you please tell us more about why you need to be able to add .terraindb files without restarting asset-server?


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Hello Matt,

Thank you for your reply.
The reason why we need to add .terraindb files without restarting asset server its because we are generating these files through an API so new .terraindb files are created.

The links created by the asset-server is then being used to a terrain provider.

The link to the terrain tiles gets a 404 response code not until you restart the asset server manually, we worry that this would affect other users of the API when we restart the asset-server because other users are depending on the links hosted by the asset-server

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Thank you for letting us know more about your use case. This is a reasonable feature request, and we’ve opened an internal ticket to track it. I do not have a timeline for it yet so I can’t say how soon we will get to it, but I will provide updates in this thread.