How to read data file .terraindb in ReactJS/Resium

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Anyone can share to me how to read terrain data that i have in .terraindb after done conversion in
cesium ion using



You can serve the terrain using Asset Server, which is included in the 3D Tiling Pipeline. A file named WorldTerrain.terraindb will be accessible at http://localhost:8002/WorldTerrain when Asset Server is running, as noted here: Hosting 3D Content – Cesium

These instructions are also available in AssetServer.pdf, which comes with the 3D Tiling Pipeline.

Once you are serving your data using Asset Server, you can display it in Sandcastle. Here is an example. (This example will not work until you are running Asset Server on your machine and replace http://localhost:8002/<your-terraindb-name> with the appropriate URL for your data.)

If you know the longitude and latitude of your terrain, you can fly to it using flyTo. The Sandcastle above describes how to do this from a rectangle computed from your source data, but you can also just input the longitude, latitude, and height yourself.


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I got it…

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