terrainDB issue

Our customer recently purchased Cesium I-ON and they experienced few technical issues, as described below:

We are trying to create terrainDB that contains several DTM files (Tif, IMG)

In order to create the TerrainDB we use one of the following commands:

1.Add all the DTM files in one command: “terrain-tiler -i <input1.tif> <input2.tif> -o <output.terrainDB>”

2.Add one by one the DTM to terrain file : “terrain-tiler -i <input.tif> -o <output.terrainDB>”
The size of the DTM files we are trying to add to the terrainDB is between 6GB to 92GB, the number of DTM files we want to add is 40 files.

The problem:
After the terrainDB reaches about 30GB the process stops ! The terrainDB is corrupted.

We need some help with this issue .

We also have few questions:

  1. Is it possible to merge several terrainDB files?
  2. Is it possible to delete a single Dtm file from the TerrainDB?
  3. How can I update TerrainDB?
  4. Is there a limit to DTM files? to a terrainDB?

Can we schedule a Teams meeting with the customer for Monday, February 7th?

We can be available between 3pm-4pm (Israel time).

Please note - this case is urgent. Kindly ask to put it in high priority.