Cesium.js Integration

Is Cesium.js being supported by the Unreal plugin, and if not where in the roadmap that fits.

We have a number of use cases for this, and clients that require us to not to use cloud services.



CesiumJS and Cesium for Unreal are two complementary 3D Tiles streaming engines. Either can be used with a custom, closed-network backend that serves 3D Tiles, if you need to avoid using the cloud. If previously you have successfully set up a closed-network backend to work with CesiumJS, the same server should work with Cesium for Unreal.

Does this answer your question? Feel free to elaborate on your concerns so we can address them further.

-Nithin Pranesh

Hi Nithin,

Would you be able to elaborate on some instructions on how we could use the Cesium to Unreal plugin to connect to a Cesium.js server. As you have to connect to an “Ion” server from what I can see in the documentation.

You can click Add Blank in the Cesium window within Unreal. A new “3D Tileset” actor should be spawned automatically. In the Details panel of the newly spawned tileset, find the Url property and type in the url for your custom 3D Tiles server.

The documentation is still in its early stages, these instructions will be added there soon.

Let us know if you have any issues.


Hello Nithin,

Following your suggestion, I’m trying to connect to my custom TerrainProvider (basically a simple cesiumjs app with a terrain provider) and I get the following warning and no tiles are rendered:

LogCesium: Warning: [2021-03-30 22:49:55.967] [warning] [TileContentFactory.cpp:74] No loader registered for tile with content type ‘application/octet-stream’ and magic value ’