How to stream 3D Tiles to my Unreal Game from my own server?

I want to use the Planet OSM data (complete OSM data) from

Is it possible to connect this data to the Cesium for Unreal Plugin?

Does it work out from scratch or is there a need to convert the data to 3D Tiles?
Or do I have to use another OSM dataset, to have 3D Tiles available?

Is there a tutorial how to setup my server?

Hi @cloudatlas

Cesium for Unreal support 3D Tiles for streaming global 3D content, and cannot yet take input from OSM data directly. It will need to be processed into 3D Tiles before being streaming into Cesium for Unreal.

We do not currently have a public version of an OSM content pipeline available, but will take your request into account as we enable support for more formats.

Are there specific types of data from OSM you are interested in?