Point Cloud 3D Tiles

any update on when streaming point clouds into Unreal will be implemented?

Hi @tommysugg - We don’t have a set timeline yet as we are working on other tasks like feature metadata, android support and more. Once we have a more concrete timeline, we’ll definitely share it on GitHub.

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Is it correct that local 3D tiles can be used in Unreal rather than streaming? I am trying to experiment with 3D tiled point cloud data and it is time sensitive. I’ve looked over the documentation for the 3D tiles json format from here: 3d-tiles/overview at master · CesiumGS/3d-tiles · GitHub, and it is a little complex for me to understand. Would it be possible to see a simple example of just 1 .ply point cloud?

When we have added 3D Tiles point cloud support, that will be the case. We currently do not have point cloud support in Cesium for Unreal.

As an option, you could convert your PLY point cloud to Unreal’s point cloud system, but that will not use 3D Tiles.

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Understood. Thanks for the quick response! Looking forward to 3D tile integration.