Cesium with Unreal server on Linux

Is the process for streaming Cesium tiles from Ion different when running Unreal as a non-rendering server on Linux as compared to a client on Windows? It seems that Cesium is not loading anything.

Hi @nickg

We have not yet tested Cesium for Unreal with Unreal Engine server configuration, so don’t have insights into its capabilities at this time.

Are you able to share any error messages that you may be seeing?

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We packaged the Cesium plugin for our dedicated Linux server and loaded the map which has the Cesium tiles in without errors, but we couldn’t collide with it so we suspect that it doesn’t do anything on the server side. We expected to be able to clamp to ground to it and check collisions, but had to move that logic to the client side and we were just curious if we did something wrong, or if it’s just a limitation.

so you succeeded in getting a runtime packaged shippinbg version ofr cesium for iunreal to run on linux? I have been trying unsucessfully for several months

We could package it out, but it doesn’t do anything.

Ah. So it’s not just me. My project packages fine UNTIL I enable the cesium plugin. Even recreating something very simple like the quick start tutorial fails to package.

To be clear… I can package my project successfully for linux until the Cesium plugin is enabled (and Cesium content is placed in the level, I haven’t tried JUST enabling the plugin).

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@JKASDmmasd9823 are you able to share any error messages that might have appeared when the project fails to package on Linux?

Sure. Sorry for not checking back… I was kinda waiting for Cesium to official support 4.27 and try again.

What logs would be most helpful?

Here’s a link to another thread on here where I describe the error message when trying to package up anything using Cesium’s plugin: