Cesium keeps showing higher level tile at higher zoom level for particular places.

While searching a place in Ecuador I found this area which doesn't have tiles for higher zoom level. After certain zoom level cesium stops loading lower level tiles for that particular area. I tested on different internet connections and devices and even different imagery layers (Esri, bing, mapbox). I have encountered this problem multiple times at different location (which i don't remember now). Is this problem related to cesium or the imagery providers? Is there any solution for this?
Here is the link to screenshot for reference: https://preview.ibb.co/h1C9n8/imagery_problem.png .If you want to see the place yourself then you can enter these coordinates in cesium's search bar: -78.6528402762,-1.561


That’s the imagery that Bing Maps provides at that location. Here it is in Bing Maps itself:


If you’re seeing that with multiple imagery providers in the same location, it could be because they often get their imagery from the same sources.


Hello Kevin,
The same area looks Ok on google maps. I don't know what's the problem with others. Is there any workaround for this? Can i use google imagery in cesium without hosting my own server?

To the best of our knowledge, Google’s Terms of Use do not permit use of Google’s imagery tiles outside of Google Maps itself.