Cesium not accesible from Zimbawe


We have a customer in Zimbawe not being able to use the Cesium viewer embedded in our app due to Cesium API not responding. They are able to use the app if they connect through a VPN from the US.

I attach a screenshot of the browser console with the error

It appears that Cesium API blocking request from Zimbabwe? Why?

We have customers all over the world and we would like to have a list of countries/regions where Cesium is not available



Hi Emanuel

We’re investigating this and will have some more information soon. As I presently understand it, its because of US Export Control regulations, but we’re trying to see if there are alternative approaches we can take rather than blocking the entire country of Zimbabwe.

Please bear with us as we look into it.

Shehzan Mohammed

Thanks Shehzan Mohammed

Would you be able to provide a list of Countries where Cesium is not available? It is important for us to understand which countries are banned as we have Customers on over a hundred countries and we need to know which ones we can’t offer features based on Cesium.


Hi @Emanuel_Herrmann

As a U.S. based company, we are required by law to comply with U.S. trade embargoes, which currently includes the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

We are not blocking any other countries at this time.

Shehzan Mohammed