Cesium not show anything under transparent background


Can anybody please help?

I try to create a primitive, like ellipse and fill it use canvas with transparent background.
But in this case all under transparent background become transparent too.

How I can blend primitive filled with canvas with transparent background and other semi-transparent entities/primitive which are located under first primitive (filled with canvas).





It’s not entirely clear whether this is the effect that you want to achieve, but you might be looking for

  const material = new Cesium.Material({
    translucent: true,  // <--------------------------------- this line?!
    fabric: {

Cesium Translucent Material

Hi! Thank you very much for your answer!

Yes, I want to have an effect like in your example. But in your example, the black text becomes not black, looks like it blends with the semi-transparent white rectangle (but the rectangle located under the text and text, which locate upper, have to be fully black).

The same effect I have if I draw text in this way:

  let material = new Cesium.ImageMaterialProperty({
     image: canvas,
     transparent: true

  var eEntity = viewer.entities.add({
    name: "Single Large Canvas of Labels",
    rectangle: {
      coordinates: Cesium.Rectangle.fromRadians(
        lng + offsetX,
        lat + offsetY,
        lng + offsetX + 0.00001,
        lat + offsetY + 0.000002,
      height: 100 + 0.01 * i,
      material: material

Is it possible to live text black color if text upper the semi-transparent white rectangle?
Only transparent and semi-transparent colors in materials canvas have to be blended with primitives/entities under it. Is it possible ?

You can see difference in text black color in next photos:

Not transparent background becomes a semitransparent too.

I need that only transparent and semitransparent canvas color will have a transparency.
Not transparent color will not have transparency. Is it possible?

Example (that non transparent colors become a transparent):