Cesium on-premise Proj version


We are currently using Cesium-ion-3D-Tiling-Pipeline-Linux-4.5.5 and have already updated the version of Proj data as direct here (https://community.cesium.com/t/model-height-differences-when-using-on-premise-pipeline-vs-cesium-cloud-solution/21238. We now need to update the version of Proj itself. There is a bug fix in Proj 9.2 that we need to be available to the on-premise pipeline. Can you please let me know how to update Proj as it’s not installed via a normal package manager.

It’s currently not possible to update the version of Proj that is used because all binaries are statically linked for compatibility reasons. We currently use proj 9.0.0.

I’m looking into the timeline for our next release to include 9.2. We are also considering shipping the full proj dataset with the tilers as well so you won’t need to manually install it in the future.

Respectfully, as a enterprise paying customer, this cant really be considered acceptable. A geospatial product that incorrectly places geospatial assets due to a known bug should really be high on the priority list or at least allow us as a client to be able to upgrade this version to remedy as an immediate/interim solution. Thanks

Not sure if this will work - but have you tried including the required grid shift files (if that’s the issue) into the proj bin folder within the cesium ion bin folder?

@TomPovey thanks for the suggestion, but we’ve already done this. The bug fix is in the code included in 9.2 here;

A couple of weeks have gone on, still nothing, still cant use the product as paid. No answers to our support emails, have been trying.

What do we need to do to get some support for an enterprise subscription costing us tens of thousands of dollars?

This stinks.

@Josh_Gardner I apologize for the lack of reply here and I understand your frustration.

As I mentioned previously, It’s not possible to update the version of Proj that is used because all binaries are statically linked for compatibility reasons. (I’m not even sure it’s feasible to drop in Proj 9.2 on top of 9.0 even if we were dynamically linked).

As 9.2.0 only came out on March 1st, it takes time for the ecosystem to adopt the new versions and for us to have full compatibility throughout our tool chain. We’ve internally updated to 9.1.1, but are still waiting to be able to use 9.2.0 (and in reality 9.2.1 came out today but being a patch version usually leads to faster adoption).

That being said, the team is actively looking into it and is hoping to evaluate ways we can take upstream dependencies, like proj, at a much faster cadence than we have in the past.

As soon as I have an update to share, I’ll post back here.

@Matt_Amato thank you for giving an update. We understand that this change has complexity and can take time, all we’re looking for is some indication (a date) of when you plan to have this resolved. We need to know if this is going to take weeks/months/years so we can plan around it. Please come back to us with something more concrete.


The current answer is “weeks” and we plan on being able to ship a new build that targets proj 9.2.0 later this month. However, since this involves changing how we procure and include proj in our code base, there may be some unknowns that cause it to spill into July. We won’t know until we’re a little further into the process.

We are also looking into resuming at least once a month releases of the CLI as a whole, in order to more rapidly deliver updates to our users.

@Matt_Amato thanks for letting me know. Look forward to trying the new version later this month or early July.


The 3D Tiling Pipeline 4.6.0 has been released with the following notable changes:

  • Updated the following third party libraries for improved stability, accuracy, and performance:
    • gdal - 3.7
    • proj - 9.2.1
    • proj-data - 1.14.
    • fbx2gltf - v0.13.0-p1.
    • libcitygml - 2.5.1
  • CityGML now supports the following additional features:
    • RectifiedGridCoverage.
    • ExternalReference.
    • Lod0Geometry
    • Loc0ImplicitRepresentation
    • Lod0TerrainIntersection
    • Lod0Network
    • Lod0MultiCurve
    • Lod0MultiSurface
    • GeneralizesTo
    • InternalBuildingInstallation
    • ReliefComponent

Available at: Downloads – Cesium

I hope it fixes the issues you were having with proj. If not, please provide us some details and we will be happy to help resolve the issue.