CESIUM OriginShiftComponent - Callback needed for Volumetric Clouds


we are succesfully using the OriginShiftComponent with “Change Cesium Georeference” for our full-globe flight simulator, it’s a great feature!

But when using origin shift with volumetric clouds (or Ultra Dynamic Sky), with every rebasing the clouds jump.

This can be solved by feeding the changed actor position into the cloud material via MPC. But I still get a one-frame-cloud jitter, because I don’t have a callback from the CESIUM Origin Shift, so my update to the clouds shader is one frame too late.

Solution: It would be awesome to get an Blueprint Callback Event node that activates directly after the origin shift happened.

Thanks & best

You should be able to subscribe to the change in the CesiumGeoreference origin itself. See the OnGeoreferenceUpdated event on ACesiumGeoreference.

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Thanks @Kevin_Ring ,
will look into this!

Hi @Kevin_Ring,

works like a charm, just adding the Blueprint implementation for others who might need this, too:

I placed this in the Level Blueprint, but you can add it wherever you want.