Cesium performance handling

Hi, I'm working on flight simulation and using cesium in stand alone application which is in development using python 3.4 and pyqt 5.4

We are able to use cesium successfully in stand alone application but performance is the big challenge we are facing at the moment and it's really very slow. In the webview it's really slow but same thing working pretty good in chrome browser.

So is there any way to improve performance or do we need to add any external support to the application?

Please provide some suggestion on this, really appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

I noticed same performance issue in my app.

so do you have any solution for this? or any idea to handle this?


Please if anyone has idea…help!

Really appreciate please give some helpful suggestions.


Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the Qt WebView is known to have poor performance. This has nothing to do with Cesium and is instead a limitation of Qt. If you used CEF or one of the other embedded browser controls performance would be much better. That being said, I would recommend you ask about performance on Qt support forums and let us know if you have any luck.

Do you use QWebView [1]?

Try to use QWebEngineView [2]: AFAIK QWebView based on old version of
Webkit and QWebEngineView is modern replacement of QWebView based on
new versions of Chromium engine (Blink).

I used QWebEngineView with CesiumJS in PyQt 5.4 to display thousands
of point primitives, and I didn't noticed any significant performance

[1] http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qwebview.html
[2] http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qwebengineview.html

Thanks a lot Matthew. Now it’s too late for us to change framework. But yeah will try and lets see how it goes!

Really appreciate.


Thanks Vladimir. Yes we are using QWebView. yeah I’ve read about QWebEngineView and I thought it’s for pyqt 5.5
But really thanks for your kind response. It’s really very helpful us and will try qwebengine and let’s see.

Thank you very much and will let you know shortly how it goes.



HI @vladimir thanks but I tried QWebEngine but it’s not supported for windows at the moment. Is there any other way?

Thanks and appreciate your reply.

Please give some sugeestions for improving cesium performance: we have almost 3000 entities (flights) in one czml file. It’s really very important for us to improve the performance so anyone has any idea please help.


Can you share the CZML file? Does it run fine in Chrome or Firefox? I it’s only slow in Qt, that’s a Qt problem, not a Cesium problem.

Hi Matthew, thanks a lot for the reply. I’ve attached .czml file here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByJYCRvLl4SrekdqclI4eHNTdXM/view?usp=sharing)
It contains almost 4000-6000 flights. It runs good in chrome but still initial loading time is very high. Once czml file loaded completely then it works good in chrome.

I’ve tried czml for 2-3 flights and it’s running fast so I’m sure we can’t do anything with Qt but we can do something with czml.

I came across czml streaming but I don’t know how to do that? If you think streaming will help then can you please… provide one simple example?

How can I do streaming like client - server? Please give example please.