Cesium releases


tl;dr - Let’s create monthly Cesium releases, and pass around the responsibility for creating them.

Since before Cesium was on github, we have released it based on user requests. I’d like to suggest that we start doing regular releases so users know when to expect updates, and to show the stability and activity of the project.

Since I am anti-process, I’d like to see us do the simplest possible thing:

  • On the first business day of the month, someone verifies master is stable, updates CHANGES.md and build.xml (this should be done on a branch), and releases Cesium by adding it to the downloads page and sending an email to the mailing lists with the CHANGES.md updates.

  • Dan - under Scott’s guidance - continues to do this for the next couple of releases, and writes a wiki page with instructions. At any point, he can pass the responsibility to someone else, or someone else can ask for it. And so on.

  • For now, we continue increasing the beta release number: b7, b8, …
    My rational:

  • As we all know, releasing at a fixed time reduces schedule pressure because the date is fixed - whatever features are in master go in.

  • Given our careful pull request reviews, master should always be stable, so I suspect we can release in one day - well, one hour. Master should always be “ready to ship” as Joel says. If we can’t, then our upstream practices are broken, and we should fix them. I think our practices are awesome, and that we won’t have a problem.

  • I don’t want to create a hierarchy with a “release manager”, so I suggest the flat structure of sharing the responsibility of releases. It spreads knowledge, avoid stratification, avoids a single point of failure, and is beautifully unstructured.

Ideas? Suggestions? git release best practices we should embrace?



In general, yes, that sounds like a good plan. In the short term, though, it would be best to get Sandcastle into master before the next release, so we can remove Sandbox and Dojo 1.6.1 so that our release zip is not so enormous. The first business day of July is too soon to get there, I think.


I agree. Most - perhaps just about all - users pull from master right now anyway, so there is no pressure to start the cycle on Monday.


Why not shoot for August 1st as our next (and first) regular release.
We already know that the most awesome things happen on that day since
it's my birthday, so why not continue the tradition.

OK with me.

I really appreciate this Patrick, saves us beta developers time.

I intend to keep a live copy of the beta here: http://rezn8d.com/4D/

Just a reminder that Dan and Scott will release b7 next Wednesday, August 1st - and document the process on the wiki.


As I’m sure everyone saw, Dan successfully released b7. He will release b8 on September 3, and then the responsibility is up for grabs for a release or two.

Dan and I also put some info for releasing on the wiki - https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/wiki/Release-Guide



Dan will release b8 on September 4 (after the Labor Day holiday). Amato is going to do releases next, starting with b9 in October.


Matt - do you want to release b10 next Thursday, 11/01. By the way, your updates to the Release Guide look good.

Let’s pass the torch for b11 on 12/03. Who is game? Kevin?


Fine by me. Hopefully we can have both the imagery_layers and camera branches in by then.

FYI. Matt Ford is going to release b12 on January 3rd. We’ll have the new downloads page ready by then since the old one is going away.