Improvements to the Cesium CI process

Thanks to some great work spearheaded by Gabby Getz, I’m happy to announce that all Cesium branches are now automatically published to s3, making it trivial for our community to try out the newest features before they are part of an official release.

There are 2 ways to access the builds:

  1. For pull requests, you will now see three new status items, the details link on the right gets you to each one.

**deployment **A hosted version of the branch complete with Sandcastle and everything else that’s part of a Cesium release.

**npm package **An npm package of the branch that can be included directly into package.json via the provide url.

**zip file **A complete release of the branch, which you can download and use just like you would from the website.

  1. You can get the same links for any branch, whether a pull request is open or not, via the GitHub branches page: and click on the icon next to each branch name.

While they are great for testing out the latest features, these branch builds are not meant for production use and do not go through the same amount of testing as our official release process. Also all builds get cleaned up after 90 days. However, for those of you who are using long-running branches, such as 3d-tiles, downloading the zips is an excellent way to stay up to date without worrying about building Cesium yourself and the hosted Sandcastle should make it a lot easier to test code against specific branches.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, let us know. Gabby is also putting together a detailed blog post about our new CI processes as a whole so be sure to keep an eye out for it.




You can check out the full blog post here,, for more information on the complete CI process.