Cesium rendering points on safari does not work

Hi All,

I have been using pointprimitives to you guessed it… render points :slight_smile:

This works great on edge/ie/chrome/firefox, but dosent work on safari (osx or ios).

I get the error : drawarrays: attempt to access out of bounds

So I tried the points demo from the sandcastle page. It too gives errors under safari…

See screen shot… (yes its an actual photo, i wont go into why…)

Does anyone have a workaround/fix for this?



Hello Stephen,

We haven’t seen this error. What version of MacOS are you using? Also, what version of Safari? And what graphics card to you have?

I’ll see if one of my coworkers with a mac can reproduce this.



Hi Hannah,

I am currently seeing this on OSX:Sierra 10.12.1

Nvidia GT 750M 2048MB / Intel Iris Pro 1536MB

And Safari 10.0.1



Hi Hannah,

Was your coworker able to reproduce this?



Stephen, thanks again for the report. If you try the latest version of Safari (and maybe latest of OS), this should be fixed now. See #4712.