Issue with PointPrimitives on iPhone Safari/Chrome

So, I have built a stripped down riff on the NASA PPS STORM Event Viewer called EVMini, which I had hoped would serve as a viewer that would work both on mobile and in iframes embedded in a news story.

It appears to work fine on all browsers on Linux/Windows, as well as Safari on Mac. However, when I try to bring it up on my iPhone 6 Safari/Chrome, the pointPrimitives that make up most of the visualization flicker briefly and then disappear. This occurs every time I re-render the points. I have not tested the page on an iPad, nor have I tested it on an Android phone (in both cases due to lack of access).

Anyway, I was hoping people might have some thoughts as to why this flickering occurs (besides just “Safari sucks”…that seems to be marginally debunked by Matt Amato’s post on iOS 10 There may be an error thrown, but I cannot see the console to know what it might be. The website is Attached to this question are two pictures - one of what it should look like (taken in Chrome Dev Mode running in CentOS 6) and then one of what it does look like (taken in Safari running on iPhone 6).


Matt Lammers
NASA PPS Group Web Analyst/Developer

Hi Matt,

I’m not aware of any issues related to this, but I filed this issue so we can look into it:

What version of Cesium is the site using?




Thanks for the response - the site is using Cesium 1.19 (mostly because I use a custom shader on the points and don’t want to change it with every new version), but I have tested it with Cesium 1.26 and get the same results.

Matt, thanks again for the report. If you try the latest version of Safari (and maybe latest of OS), this should be fixed now. See #4712.