Cesium source in VSCode?

Quick informal question to the devs here: Any interest in editing Cesium source code with VSCode?

Officially Cesium supports Eclipse (free, open-source) and WebStorm (commercial) as development environments, with contributor setup guides in the main repo. I’ve been experimenting with editing Cesium source in VSCode (free, open-source) with some early positive signs, and I was considering a pull request with the .vscode settings folder and a similar contributor setup guide for it. But it’s a maintenance burden if I’m the only one interested in using it. Would anyone else use it to edit Cesium?


I don’t know that I would use VSCode myself any time soon but it is very popular so +1 from me if you are motivated to get it rolling (I saw a recent JavaScript survey that showed Atom and VSCode as the most popular editors).


OK. https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pull/4974

Hey, any VSCode fans out there willing to give this a try?

  1. Clone Cesium (per the existing guides) and run “git checkout vscode” if my branch isn’t merged yet. The vscode branch adds a settings folder to the root Cesium folder that will help VSCode understand Cesium’s source tree structure.

  2. Follow instructions in the readme for setting up VSCode.

Let us know if any part of the setup is unclear or not working. Thanks!