RE: [cesium-dev] Using Eclipse with Cesium

Thank you Scott.

I did get a forked version of the Cesium project to build in Eclipse. If I am correct, I would use this only if I contribute something to Cesium.

To build my own web sites, I don’t want to use notepad. I have several IDE’s including VS 2012, Eclipse, Expression Blend 4 and Expression Web 4. I did get the Cesium “Hello World” tutorial working in VS 2012 but I have had no luck creating a web site using Cesium with Eclipse. Even after scowering the internet and trying several different methods (everyone uses a myriad of different plugins) I still can’t get an Cesium Eclipse web site up and running.

  1.   How do you create your Cesium web sites (Eclipse?)
  2.   Can you point me to an simple (non-Sandcastle) example?

Thanks again for your time,