Setting up a Cesium project in Eclipse

Hi there!

I'm just getting started with Cesium and am really liking it! I downloaded it, got it to run on my server, and wrote some little snippets. That's all good and fun.
I think I would be faster though getting into it if I managed to get code completion etc working in Eclipse. Atm it seems to be dumb and unaware of the class structure etc (I'm also getting heaps of warnings and errors in the source folders).
I have been using Eclipse a lot for work with Java and Python, but this is my first time doing JS. I'm wondering what the correct way to set up a JS project in Eclipse is? What I did:

- Download and unzip Cesium_1.35
- Eclipse>File>New>JavaScript Project
- create project from existing source

Eclipse then analyses the project, and adds pretty much all folders to the project path:


I'm using:
Eclipse 4.6.3 (Neon)
JSDT 2.0.200

I googled for 'Cesium Eclipse', but the only thing I could find was people pointing to the following link, which doesn't seem to exist anymore:'s-Guide

Can anyone help me out to get all the smart goodness working?

Hi Max,

I haven’t used Eclipse in a long time, but here is our old guide on setting up Eclipse with Cesium:


Hi Patrick!

Thanks for your help! I’ve checked out the link you provided and
followed the instructions, but couldn’t get it to work either.
After some googling it turns out that code completion for JS is
broken in Eclipse, with the last working version being
EclipseMars… which is a long time ago.

When you said, you haven’t used Eclipse in a long time… what is
one using these days for writing JS?!



Check out WebStorm:

or VSCode:


Hi Patrick!

Bit late, but thanks for pointing me into the right direction. Couldn't really get the codeCompletion to do much... but... I'm getting the hang of the docs and how things work in Cesium.

Thanks again,