Eclipse 4 (Juno)

For those of you using Eclipse to develop Cesium, I just wanted to mention that they released Eclipse 4 over the weekend, which is a very major update. Just to make sure there were no problems, I’ve run through our set-up instructions from the wiki and everything still works as expected. There’s no requirement to upgrade to 4, and I don’t expect staying on 3.x to be a problem any time soon; but for those of you like me that like to always run the latest and greatest, feel free to upgrade.


Matt, which version of Eclipse did you install? There doesn’t appear to be a “Eclipse IDE for JavaScript Web Developers” anymore.

I apologize, I didn't follow the instructions exactly as written :slight_smile: I
actually installed the Eclipse IDE for Java developers and then
installed the Javascript tools into that. I didn't notice the
Javascript Eclipse version was no longer listed. I'll update the

Okay, I updated the wiki to match, a long with a few other minor
tweaks. Sorry for the confusion.