New to Cesium and Java. How to use Eclipse to run Cesium?

Hi all,

I am new to both Cesium and Java, however I need help in some matters.
How do I use the code in Javascript/HTML code in Sandcastle and port it over to Eclipse and use Eclipse to run Cesium?

Sorry if the question is abit vague.

Eg. I would like to use the Sandcastle example of CZML, and port it over to use in Eclipse. Is there any tutorial for this, as I cant really find one for my specific needs.


Have you seen our getting started tutorial?

That will show you how to run our HelloWorld demo, which shows you how to run Cesium in an HTML page.

If you open up the file, you can see that we create a new Cesium.Viewer in a tag. You can copy/paste any code from the sandcastle examples inside of this script tag and it should run.

Eclipse can be used for editing files HTML/Javascript files, not really for running them. That’s why we include the server.js node script to run a local server to run the demo apps we include in the download.



Hi Hannah,

I have looked at the tutorial, but for the server, I will need to use TOMCAT 8.0, so I am not sure how to configure it. Some of the scripts were already running from previous developer, and I will need to add new scripts etc, but I cant seem to get it to work.