Using Eclipse with Cesium

Being new to Eclipse, it seems to be Java oriented. I didn’t find anything on the Cesium website that explains how to work with Cesium/JavaScript using Eclipse.

  1.   How do I load and build the Cesium dev tree from Eclipse? (Eclipse generates an error when opening a .js file)
  2.   How do I create my own JavaScript Eclipse project for use with Cesium?

Off topic, the very first time I ran Eclipse, it had a nice “Start” page with overview and tutorial sections. After a I went through the first tutorial, that start page disappeared. How do I get it back so I can continue with the Eclipse tutorials?



We use Eclipse to work on Cesium itself, since it’s the least terrible free JavaScript IDE we’ve found (high praise, I know), but you don’t need to use Eclipse to make your own applications if you don’t want to. Any text editor or IDE will work.

That said, we have some information on our Contributor’s Guide that describes how to set up Eclipse and import the project into your workspace:

Also, to get the Welcome screen back in Eclipse you can go to Help -> Welcome.