Cesium talks at MIT and Harvard

We’re heading to Boston this week to give some Cesium talks at MIT and Harvard. The abstracts are up:



I am looking forward to you guys come to the west coast to give talks.

在 2014年11月17日星期一UTC-8上午7时40分59秒,Patrick Cozzi写道:

Will a recording of the presentation be posted online?

The talks are not being recorded, but we’ll post slides on the blog and presentations page: http://cesiumjs.org/publications.html

Steven, we’ll be on the west coast at least twice in 2015:

  • At FOSS4G NA in San Francisco in March

  • At SIGGRAPH in LA in August

We’ll post more details on both as the dates get closer.


Thanks, Partick. This is great.

在 2014年11月19日星期三UTC-8上午6时43分09秒,Patrick Cozzi写道:

Slides for these talks are now up.