Cesium viewer and & CZML

I apologize in advance for asking such novice questions but I am a novice user. I am using the Cesium Viewer app. Is there a way to remove (delete) a .czml file once it has been dropped on the globe? What steps would I need to take to modify the current javascripts to add a delete button or is there an easier approach. I am a novice at javascript so please be specific. Thanks.


Check out our “Simple CZML Demo.” The buttons in the top-left load different CZML scenes. Look at the source next to them, each button calls “widget.removeAllCzml();” before loading more CZML.

If you have a button that just calls widget.removeAllCzml(); without adding more CZML, it will be a “clear scene” button (and you may want to label it as such). Hopefully that helps,