Cesium World Bathymetry is now included in Cesium ion

We’re excited to let you know that a new global tileset, Cesium World Bathymetry, is now available for Cesium ion SaaS and to license with Cesium ion Self-Hosted. Cesium World Bathymetry opens up visualization and analysis of underwater environments, and it’s waiting for you in the Cesium ion Asset Depot.

Check out the blog post for more details, and tell us here about what you build or if you have questions or requests.


This is great and exactly what I needed for my project!
Is there good imagery asset for the raster overlay that I should be using with the bathymetry tileset?

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Excellent news, thank you. In the future, do you plan to integrate more precise data, such as those from EMODnet for Europe? Will it be possible for a user to place their own DEMs, via Ion, for example ?